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Wow these notes are really good! Thanks so much, Manuel!
R.G. (17-01-2019)

Hi Manuel, thank you for this. It really helped during my exam. i was wondering if you had notes for constitutional, Canadian Professional Responsibility and Foundations?
V.S. (27-01-2019)

Hi, hope this message finds you well. I found your summaries much much better than ****** and helpful. You are completely justified in charging fee. You should market it more and I will also spread word as much as I can. Do you have any summary for the constitution? i am ready to pay. Is your summary on Foundation enough for passing exams? Kindly advise. Kind regards
S.A.S. (09-03-2019)

I really appreciate your efforts for making such wonderful notes….
P. (03-04-2019)

I like the layout of these notes – can you please send me Admin Law, Crim Law, Foundations Law, and pro Responsibility as well?? I will e-transfer, but I’m also wondering if there’s a discount since I am buying in bulk.
A. (28-04-2019)

Hi Manuel how are you? Thank you for the above group invite. As an aside, I passed constitutional and admin law exams in January. Hope you well and thank you so so much for all your assistance.

S.N. (30-04-2019)

Good day sir. I have read your notes which has been very helpful in sorting out procedural and substantive.
A.B.T. (04-05-2019)

Your notes are great and serious. Appear to cover all I already have. What I seek is an opportunity to hear you discuss the approach to tackling questions relating to admin law. Please, let me know when you can make out time to share this.
E. (25-05-2019)

Hi Manuel. Your admin notes were great! What other notes do you have?
K.R.D. (02-06-2019)

Dear bro, hope this message finds you well. I have gone through your notes. I feel confident that I will pass consti now. Excellent work. Anxiously waiting for foundations. Will I pass foundations just by going through your notes. I am scared of foundations
S.A.S. (08-08-2019)

Hi Manuel- do you have constitutional law notes? You shared your administrative notes with me a while back, and they were quite helpful. Thank you!
M.G. (13-08-2019)

Because I genuinely believe that not only you are the best in your work but also as human being. Stay blessed.
S.A.S. (14-08-2018)

You note was great for me thank you
B.I.B. (21-08-2018)