How to Become Licensed to Practice Law in Canada

Getting licensed to practice law in Canada with a foreign degree can be easily achieved if adequate information and guidance are available. So, a collaborative effort from BES and INTRACI has provided the perfect solution to that problem.

However, kindly note that:

– This information is strictly for foreign-trained lawyers from all over the world,
– Also, for all internationally-trained law graduates (including those in the final year of law school).
  • Who want to immigrate to Canada, and,
  • Want to practice law in Canada with a foreign degree, or
  • Who wants to be able to practice across borders.

How can you start the process? Please click here

We curated all the information you need in the form of an ebook. The ebook answers several questions in detail, including how and when to apply and start the process. It also entails insight into the necessary documents needed, the cost of the process, and how long it will take. CLICK HERE now to get it.


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A Brief Introduction on INTRACI

INTRACI is an acronym for International Lawyers Transfer to Canada Initiative. INTRACI intends to help law graduates, students, and internationally-trained lawyers get licensed in Canada. While BES (Bar Exam Support) helps Canadian Law School graduates get licensed, INTRACI helps international lawyers. Hence, the collaboration between both entities will ensure aspirants have the smoothest ride in their quest to achieve their goals.

To learn how you can start the process – please click here.