Welcome to our Payment Page at BES.
There are instances when specific pricing is required for any of our product and services. In this situation, you may be required to make payment separately for this.
To make it easier for our users, we have created this page where you can make payment for any of our materials or services using interac (if you are in Canada) or through the secured payment platforms of PayPal or Stripe for users all over the world, using your credit or debit cards. It is needless to state that all financial transactions on our website are processed on the very secured platforms of the gateway processors. You will only be returned to our website upon the completion of the payment. Therefore, we do not have access to your card or financial details, neither do we save nor store them on our website.

1. If paying via PayPal, please send your payment to
2. If paying via etransfer (interac) in Canada, please follow the steps below:
– Transfer your payment to this email address:
– Send the etransfer security answer by email to
– The materials or further information will then be sent to your email.

(Please ensure that the email you use in sending this security answer is the same email at which you will receive the materials or further information from us. You may add our email address to your address book to prevent mails from us going into your spam or junk folders)

3. If paying via your credit or debit cards, (whether Visa, MasterCard, etc.), please fill in the form below to make your payment. (Please note that for payments made with your debit/credit cards, all our fees are dominated in Canadian Dollars (CAD). However, we do not have any control/decision/input on the exchange rate to the currency of your choice/residence/financial institution. It is entirely left to the payment gateways system to determine this in line with prevailing exchange rates.


Please fill in the form to make your payment.