NCA Exams Prep Materials – All Available Prep Materials

As you would have known by now, each year, the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) organizes four sessions of examinations for candidates who have been issued certificates of assessment. These exams come up in January, May, August and October.

As you would have also known, success in the NCA examinations is the only guaranteed route for foreign lawyers wishing to transfer to Canada (except those who go through an approved Canadian law school). The NCA examination is thus an important, unavoidable prerequisite.

The examinations are open book. That is easy, you might say! But I bet you that each year, scores of candidates fail these NCA examinations, due largely to lack of adequate preparations. No intention to create a scare here by saying the NCA exams are tough. But you must be prepared.

The NCA examinations are universal; this means they apply in almost all of the Provinces, wherever you intend to eventually practice. Equally, they are uniform in structure, content and style.So, the materials and the examinations are the same, whether you want to become licensed in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, or Nova Scotia.

We have prepared the materials listed below to assist you in passing your assigned examinations. These materials include notes, practice exam questions/answers, exam tips, charts, etc. All you need do is to select and download the material of your choice.

Please note that some of the materials listed in the respective sections are not available at the moment. But more materials will be added in coming days and we advise that you regularly return to this page for updates.