NCA Sample Questions and Answers

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of practice questions and answers in any major examination, particularly the NCA exams. For the NCA examinations, practice questions will enable you to know how to answer NCA exam questions, especially how to present your answers in the format and structure that the examiner requires for you to pass.

To this end, we have prepared some practice questions to help NCA candidates prepare for their exams.

Kindly note that these practice questions are not the same as those on the NCA website. NCA does not approve to work with those questions to preserve the integrity of their exams.

However, we have designed our practice questions with samples from law schools in Canada. They are similar in context, format, and structure to the NCA exams. (Remember also that NCA exams are prepared by law school professors). We also intend to work with scholars and law school teachers in Canada in presenting answers to these sample questions.

Presently, we are attempting to provide answers to only the Mandatory courses.

More answers will be updated from time to time.

Important Information – Note that the Sample Questions and Answers are not available at the moment. Hence, the download links below will not work. THEREFORE, DO NOT SEND OR TRANSFER MONEY FOR SAMPLE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS AT THIS TIME. We will update this page when these become available.

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