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We have provided detailed exam tips to adequately prep you for your NCA exams. Many of us come from educational backgrounds where open-book exams are strange. We are mostly used to the strict ‘No-piece-of-paper-allowed’ exam settings.

But the NCA exams are in a class of their own. To the uninitiated, the exams may seem simple. After all, you can go in with any book or material you like.

However, for those who have sat the exams, you will testify that they are not as easy as they seem. The questions are rarely straightforward, but designed in such a way as to task your legal research, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Your Questions

  • Which materials do I really need to read to pass the exams?
  • How much reading is sufficient to pass the exams?
  • How do I arrange my materials on the exam table for ease of reference?
  • Which materials do I really need to take into the exam hall?
  • How do I answer NCA exam questions?
  • How do I relate the cases to the questions?
  • What are the dos and don’ts during the exams?
  • How do I incorporate the required articles and materials into my answers without being guilty of plagiarism – ‘copy-and-paste’?
  • How do I manage my time to be able to sufficiently answer all questions?

These and many more are questions that NCA students have asked over and over again. Others have taken these issues for granted and have fallen thereby.

Our Solution

To help students prepare adequately for and succeed in their NCA exams, we have prepared a number of useful exam tips to guide you, before and during the exams. It also contains samples on how to answer typical NCA exam questions. Whether short-answer questions, essay questions or fact-based questions. Including many other things you many not even know or remember are required for the exams.

These tips are contained in our detailed Handbook titled “HOW TO ANSWER NCA EXAM QUESTIONS – Plus tips that will make you pass your exams“. They are resourceful, helpful and insightful. Written by a licensee who already has prior experience from writing the NCA exams.

The NCA Exam Tips Handbook is available at just $15 (CAD) to download. (Please take note that the currency conversion rate is determined by your financial institution and we have no input or control on this).

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how to pass nca exam questions - plus tips to make you pass your nca exams.