Why is our Bar Practice Exams (BPE) so cheap, you may ask?

It’s simply because of our belief that no candidate should break the bank to pass his or her bar exams.

Getting to this stage is exhausting enough – financially, materially, mentally, psychologically and otherwise. Many students have had to take student’s loans which would still take many years to repay. Or work themselves sore to keep up with the financial demands. Many parents and guardians have drained their material resources just to see their children and wards through law school.

And having got to this stage, such students deserve all the support they can get to surmount the last hurdle in becoming a lawyer.

This is why we have fashioned (and will keep doing so) our bar exams in such a way to make it affordable and within the financial reach of all students.

Mind you, being affordable doesn’t detract from the value.

Our BPE remains top-notch and resourceful, and will continue to be so even as we continue to make it easy for students and candidates to subscribe.