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Provincial requirements to qualifying in Canada as a foreign-trained lawyer

Welcome. This page is for every foreign-trained lawyer wishing to transfer to Canada. Making the decisions about how, when, and where to become licensed is a major one. And a lot of factors come into making these decisions.

For most people, making up their minds about the Province to become licensed presents some difficulties. This difficulty is due to the unavailability of resources that inform you in the decision-making process. Resources that compare and contrast the qualification and licensing requirements of all the Provinces.

For this reason, we have put together this Chart.

The Chart provides valuable information on the process of becoming a licensed foreign-based lawyer in Canada. Information such as available assistance for NCA candidates, alternatives to the NCA exams, and exemptions to articling. Also, you will find out provinces that prescribe Bar exams and those that do not and a host of other vital information that will assist you in making up your mind.

This Chart is quite informative, educative, and helpful.

 It’s available for download at only $10


Materials for LSO Articling Students
  • Resources for articling students
  • Applying for abridgment of articling period
  • Applying for exemption from articling