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I have sat for the two Law Society of Ontario Licensing examinations and I passed both at the first attempt. Since they say experience is the best teacher, I have definitely been taught well. This means that I am in the right position to offer quality Ontario bar exam tips for success.

After the results of the LSO licensing exams I wrote were released, dozens of existing and prospective Bar exam candidates contacted me to ask for tips towards passing the Bar exams. Many expressed their frustration at failing the exams even after multiple attempts. I felt compassion and therefore made a commitment to answer each and every one of the requests, which I fulfilled successfully.

However, the large number of people who asked me for these tips to pass the Ontario Bar exam convinced me that having such tips on one page will be quite beneficial.

As a result, I have compiled together all the tips that saw me successful in the Bar exams and presented them in this write-up. I have tried to summarise them as much as possible so that I don’t add unnecessarily to your reading lists.

But you will find these tips quite revealing, cost-saving, and helpful.

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LSO Bar Exam Tips (in PDF)

Materials for LSO Articling Students
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