You are welcome as we introduce to you our tremendously helpful Ontario Bar Practice Exams.

Features of our LSO Bar Practice Exams

1. The Exam consists of 2 Parts:

   – Barrister Licensing Examinations

   – Solicitors Licensing Examinations

2. For each Part, there are two versions (Version 1.0 and Version 2.0) with different sets of 160 multiple-choice questions each. But each covers all the topics in the current outline.

3. More details about the Barrister and Solicitor Licensing Examinations are available here.

4. We also have the Subject-only Practice Questions dedicated to each subject under each licensing exam.

a. In this category, the Barrister exam has 40 questions in each of the following subjects:

i. Professional Responsibility

ii. Civil Litigation

iii. Criminal Law

iv. Family Law

v. Public Law

b. Solicitor exams has 40 questions on each of the following subjects:

i. Professional Responsibility

ii. Business Law

iii. Estate Planning

iv. Real Estate

5. Of course, you can buy the two versions together or separately, as you like. More details about our Subject-only Practice Exams are available right here.

6. To make things easier for candidates, we have decided to make our Practice Exams very affordable with convenient plans for all candidates.

7. Subscription to our Practice Exams starts at just $20! Unbelievable? It’s true. See below for pricing

8. An advantage of purchasing the two different versions for each exam is that it gives you more questions to practice. Which will enhance your chances of success by covering all topics in the courses.

9. Users can purchase licenses for only the Barrister exams, the Solicitor exams, or both. Also, users can buy either Version 1.0 or Version 2.0, or both. But if you are purchasing multiple exams, kindly select the MULTIPLE SUBSCRIPTION link from the side drop-down menu on your portal. Then pick as many exams as you like to your order.

10. Each segment is separate and different from the other. Therefore, users with multiple licenses can take any of the exams anytime and in any sequence of their choices. However, kindly note that each subscription lasts for THREE (3) MONTHS from the date of purchase.

How to Start

• Click on JOIN NOW and create an account with your name, a valid email address, and password. The other fields are optional. (Sign up is free)

• You will then receive an email to validate your account. (Please check your spam box if you don’t see this in your inbox).

• Once you validate your email address, a unique portal will be created for you, which will always be your starting point.

• So, if you want to subscribe, take a practice exam, view your past performance results, etc., you will be able to do this through your portal.

• Please note that your portal is unique and confidential to you. No other candidate has access to this without your approval.

Pricing and Subscriptions
  • Our Practice Exams’ pricing comes structured in very convenient and affordable modes.
  • The Practice Exams are in two versions:
    • 160 questions for the full licensing exams.
    • 40 questions for each of the subject-only practice exams.
  • Each version comes with totally different questions, so candidates can decide to buy the two versions simultaneously or consecutively to have more questions to practice.
  • For the full Practice Exam of 160 Questions in either Barrister or Solicitor, you can subscribe to:
    • Single session = $50 (Here, you can take the practice exams only once, at your convenience)
    • Double sessions = $80 (here, you can take the practice exams at any two times of your choice)
    • Triple Sessions = $100 (here, you can take the practice exams for three times of your choice)
  • Likewise, for the Subject-only Practice exams of 40 questions each:
    • Single Session = $20
    • Double Sessions = $30
    • Triple Sessions = $45
    Multiple Subscriptions

    • You can subscribe for multiple exams at the same time, in any combination of your choice

    • So, you can decide to subscribe to Barrister Licensing Exams Version 1.0 and Public Law Version 2.0, Real Estate Version 1.0, Business Law Versions 1.0 and 2.0, etc.

    • To subscribe to multiple subscriptions, select the MULTIPLE SUBSCRIPTIONS link from the drop-down menu at the top left-hand corner of your screen after you have logged in.

    Validity of Your License

    • Once purchased, your license code will be instantly added to your list of subscriptions on your portal and becomes available for you to use for the practice exams immediately. To receive frequent updates and informational messages, ensure you provide us with a valid email address. (Always check your spam/junk folders too if you do not receive any expected mail from us)

    • For any of the Practice Exam modes you subscribe to, your license will be valid for THREE (3) MONTHS or when you exhaust your practice session, whichever comes first.

    • So, you can take the Practice exams at any time of your convenience within these three months.

    • But you can renew your subscription immediately after.

    • Please note that there will be no extensions for expired subscriptions.

    Results and Revisions

    • After submitting your answers for each practice session, it will display your results instantly.

    • The result will contain your score and a PASS or FAIL outcome. Depending on the level of preparedness you chose before taking the practice exam. (Please note that this PASS or FAIL mark is strictly for our practice exams. LSO retains the discretion to set its passing mark for the actual exams at any time).

    • At the end of each exam, and before you close the browser, you will be able to review your exam session immediately. Here, you will see the correct answers to each question vis-à-vis your answer.

    • Correct answers will be displayed in green while your wrong answers in red color, with the correct answer specified for your revision.

    • Your result will remain in your portal, so you can assess this at any time to monitor your progress.

    • In addition, you will receive an analysis of your performance in your email address after each practice session.

    Our Ontario Bar Practice Exams is Unique

    • The questions are regularly updated following changes in the law.

    • Hence, they are relevant, lively, and very helpful. Scores of candidates have commended the quality of our practice questions.

    • Do not be deceived by the low prices. Our Bar Practice Exam comes highly recommended.

    • It simulates the actual exam in every way to adequately prepare you for success in your Ontario bar exams.

    • Mind you, there is no app to download. No software to install and no expensive subscription plan. All you need is your device and your internet connection.

    • Interestingly, the Ontario Bar Practice Exams application works on all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or any other device where you can access the internet. So, for instance, you can take the Practice Exam on your smartphone while commuting. Your convenience here is our watchword.

    • Many candidates have testified that our Bar Practice Exams were tremendously instrumental to their success. Your positive feedback and success story should be next!

    Subscribe now by clicking here to join free of charge on this page. Once you join, you are entitled to take free demos of both the Barrister and the Solicitor Ontario Bar Practice Exams.

    Do you need any additional information about our Bar Practice Exams? Kindly contact us here.

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