Welcome! This section of our website dedicated to bar candidates preparing for the Law Society of Ontario Licensing Examinations (LSO Bar Exam). We compiled prep study materials for students of all the law schools in Ontario. Likewise for foreign-trained lawyers who have completed the NCA qualification process and registered into the licensing process.
We have specially prepared LSO bar exam study materials for both the:
– Barristers Licensing Examinations, and
– Solicitors Licensing Examinations
A regularly updated list of available study materials is on the “Materials for Ontario Bar Candidates” section on this page.
In addition to this, we have designed Study Materials for prospective candidates of the LSO Licensing Process (LSO Bar Exam) – “Materials For Prospective LSO Candidates”. So, if you are still in school or in the NCA process but plan to become licensed in Ontario after your graduation/qualification, then we have provided you with some resources to guide you.
We also have resources for current and prospective articling students and resources to support you in your timeline – “Materials for LSO Articling Students”.
We must inform you that all our study materials conform to the LSO syllabus, and are regularly updated to current outlines. Therefore, you can be sure that whatever material you obtain from us will be valid.

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Mind you, the affordability of materials is key to us. We know that attendance at and graduation from law schools comes at a high financial expense. Similarly, many law school students and graduates still worry about their student loans. To this end, we have provided all our prep materials to be easily affordable for you. For instance, we do not insist on a contract for our materials, including our Bar Practice Exams. We allow the candidate to subscribe piecemeal as their finances permit. Thus, you are not obligated to purchase any or all of our materials at once or in bulk. You can buy or subscribe at your convenience. Our goal is to help you succeed in your Bar exams without exorbitant expenses.
While some of these materials might not be available now, we advise you to check back regularly as we will continue to update our site.
All our prep materials are designed to help you succeed in your licensing examinations. Like many who have used them and passed, your success story will be the next.

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Important Information:

Please note that we are independent service providers. Therefore, we do not have any affiliation with, or accreditation or endorsement from the Law Society of Ontario whatsoever, neither do we represent ourselves, expressly or impliedly, as the Society’s agents, servants or privies.

Materials for LSO Articling Students
  • Resources for articling students
  • Applying for abridgment of articling period
  • Applying for exemption from articling