LSO Bar Exams Prep Materials – Tutorials

We are putting in place a well-designed and structured tutorial package for interested bar candidates.

Candidates will be at liberty to select dedicated (private) sessions or Group sessions. They will also be able to select whether they prefer tutorials for the full Licensing Examinations or for individual subjects.

At times, our tutorials may be conducted along with some of our reputable associates and partners who also provide such services, where the circumstances of time or space do not permit us to take on more candidates. But in such situations, the candidate(s) will be duly notified of such arrangements.

And we can also arrange these tutorials to fit into your schedule.

So, if you need a tutorial service for the forthcoming LSO Licensing Exams, please fill the form below and we will surely get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Bar Exam Support Team (BEST)


Materials for LSO Articling Students
  • Resources for articling students
  • Applying for abridgment of articling period
  • Applying for exemption from articling