At BES, we have specially-prepared Bar Practice Exams programmed to prepare you for the actual LSO Bar exams and help you pass them. You can sign-up for free right here.

Structure of Our Bar Practice Exams

The LSO Practice exams are available in these two formats:

  • Barristers Licensing Examinations
  • Solicitors Licensing Examinations

For either of the above Practice Exams, you have 2 Versions to choose from:- Version 1.0 or 2.0. Each version consists of 160 different multiple-choice practice questions that cover all the topics in the current exam outline. Prices start from just $50. And it’s free to sign-up. Click here to join now. Or continue below for more details.

You can also choose to take our Practice Exams in specific subjects only. It is cost-saving and affordable, starting at just $20 per subject. Please click here to view detailed information.

How Our Practice Exam Works

Our Bar Practice Exams simulate the actual LSO exams. Including the timing, the number of questions, the structure of the questions, the format of the exam, etc.

The unique features of our Bar Practice exams include:

  • 160 multiple-choice questions for either Barrister Licensing Examination or Solicitor Licensing Examination;
  • Practice exam time of 4 hours, but divided into two parts of 2 hours each with an optional 30-minute break in between. Our program starts your 4 hours timer immediately you click start;
  • The 2 Practice exams are divided into two parts of 80 questions each, just like the real exam:
    • In Part 1, there are 80 questions devoted only to Professional Responsibility.
    • For Part 2, there are 80 questions which is a mix of questions in all the other subjects.
  • So,
    • The Barrister Practice Exams have 80 questions devoted only to Professional Responsibility in Part 1. While the remaining 80 questions in Part 2 consists of questions from Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Family Law, and Public Law.
    • The Solicitor Practice Exams have 80 Questions devoted only to Professional Responsibility in Part 1. While the remaining 80 questions in Part 2 consists of questions from Business Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate.
    • We devoted the questions in Parts 1 solely to Professional Responsibility. Research shows that the LSO focuses more on these as they deal more with real practice experience.
    • Please note that the questions in Parts 2 do not come in any particular order.
  • In Professional Responsibility, we have questions on cultural competence, discrimination, equality, inclusion, and diversity, in line with the current LSO outlines.
  • While in Public Law, we have questions on VAVILOV and the current standard of review.
  • Also, in Family Law, we have new questions on the amendments to the Divorce Act, 2021.
  • Your Practice Exam result analysis is more comprehensive than before, allowing you to gauge your performance more effectively.
  • The actual pass mark is determined for each exam by the LSO. However, our candidates can set their pass mark for each practice session according to their level of preparedness. You can set your passing mark at 50%, 65%, or 80%, and your pass mark for each practice exam session will depend on the passing mark you set for yourself. (Please remember that the passing mark applies to our practice exams only. LSO retains the right to determine the pass mark for the actual exams).
  • While at it, you can decide to take a break of up to 30 minutes after the first 2 hours of the practice exam, or you can continue without a break, depending on you.
  • So many more new features.
  • You can join now and take our free sample practice exam to see how this works. JOIN HERE.
Pricing and Subscriptions
  • Our Practice Exams pricing comes structured in very convenient and affordable modes. You do not have to break the bank to pass your bar exams.
  • Each version comes with 160 different questions. So candidates can buy the two versions simultaneously or consecutively to give them more questions to practice with.
  • For the full Practice Exam of 160 Questions in either Barrister or Solicitor, you can subscribe to:
      • Single session = $50 (Here, you can take the practice exams only once, at your convenience)
      • Double sessions = $80 (here, you can take the practice exams at any two times of your choice)
      • Triple Sessions = $100 (here, you can take the practice exams for three times of your choice)
    • Please remember that each subscription is only valid for THREE (3) MONTHS from the subscription date.

For more details about Features, Pricing and Subscriptions, please click here.

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