LSO Subject Only Practice Exams

At BES, we have specially prepared Bar Practice Exams that are programmed to prepare you for the real LSO Bar exam and help you pass them.

Here is an additional affordable option.

You can choose to take the bar exams in specific subjects only.

For candidates who want only the practice exams in specific subjects, you can subscribe to our Practice Exams in the following individual subjects, whether singly or in any combination:

Barrister –

  • Professional Responsibility
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Procedure
  • Family Law
  • Public Law

Solicitor –

  • Professional Responsibility
  • Business Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate

So, if you choose to subscribe for these subjects-only practice exams, you have the choice of subscribing for any, some, or all of the subjects in each exam.

How Our Subject-only Practice Exam Works

Our Subject-only LSO Bar Practice Exams have also been designed to simulate the actual exam in many ways, concerning timing, the structure of the questions, the format of the exam, etc.

The features of our Subject-only Bar Practice exams include:

  • 40 multiple-choice questions for each subject under either Barrister or Solicitor.
  • Practice exam time of 1 hour, and timed by our program to start immediately you click start;
  • All the questions under each subject are devoted solely to that subject alone.
  • Your Practice Exam result analysis is more comprehensive than before, allowing you to gauge your performance more effectively.
  • So many more new features.
  • You can take our free exam demo to see how this works.

Results and Revisions

  • After each practice session, you will be assessed, and your result will be displayed instantly.
  • The result will contain your raw score and a Pass or Fail outcome, depending on your overall score. 50% is the passing mark here, i.e., once you score 20 questions right out of 40, then you have passed the practice session.
  • At the end of each practice session, and before you close the browser, you will be able to immediately review your exam session. Here, you will be able to see the correct answers to each question, vis-à-vis your chosen answer.
  •  At the end of each practice session, our exam app will change and your correct answers will be displayed in green color while your wrong answers will be displayed in red color, with the correct answer specified for your revision.
  • Your result will be on your portal, so you can assess this at any time to monitor your progress.
  • In addition, we will send your performance analysis to your email address after each practice session.

Pricing and Subscriptions

  • Our Practice Exams are pricing come structured in very convenient and affordable modes.
  • The Subject-only Practice Exams come in 2 Versions of 40 questions each.
  • Each version comes with different questions so that candidates can decide to buy the 2 versions simultaneously or consecutively. This plan gives them more number of questions with which to practice.
  • For the Subject-only Practice exams of 40 questions each:
      • Single Session = $20
      • Double Sessions = $30
    • Triple Sessions = $45

Sign up now for our Bar Practice Exams by clicking here.

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